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Three phase AFC

45KVA Three Phase to Three Phase AC Power Source

AC Power Source Product Description
1. With over-voltage, over-current, overheating automatic protection
2 using 64-bit microprocessor cpu technology with more stable performance
3. Input and output fully isolated, safe and reliable
4. Waveform pure, small distortion, non-interference control, high precision
5. Reaction fast, instant reaction at 0.2MS
6. Can provide all the power grid needs, all kinds of voltage and frequency
7. Suitable for a wide range of loads, resistive, capacitive, inductive load to provide power
8. The main material is original imported to ensure that the product is stable and reliable
9. LED display indicate voltage, current, power, power factor operation is simple and clear
10. This product is suitable for all kinds of industrial, agricultural, marine, military, research institutions, as well as various mechanical and electrical products import and export testing and aging.

Model 8306 8310 8315 8320 8330 8345 8360 8375 83100 83150 83200
Output Capacity (KVA) 6KVA 10KVA 15KVA 20KVA 30KVA 45KVA 60KVA 75KVA 100KVA 150KVA 200KVA
Circuit mode 1GBT/PWM pulse width modulation mode.
AC Input power Phase 3 Phase
Voltage 380+-10%
Frequency fluctuation 50HZ or 60HZ
AC OutPut Phase 3 Phase
Waveform Sine WAVE
Low level voltage 1 Phase voltage: 0-150V adjustable, 3 Phase voltage: 0-260V adjustable
High level voltage 1 Phase voltage: 0-300V adjustable, 3 Phase voltage: 0-520V adjustable
Frequency 40-499.9HZ continuously adjustable.(50HZ, 60HZ included.)
Regulation rate
≤ 1%
Highest Current High (A)240V 8.3 13.9 20.8 27.8 41.7 62.5 83.3 104.2 138 208 278
Highest Current Low (A)120V 16.7 27.8 41.7 55.6 83.3 125 166.7 208.3 276 416 496
Machine performance power supply Regulator rate <1%
Load regulation rate <1%
Waveform distortion rate(THD) <2%
Efficiency ≥90%
Response time ≤ 2ms
crest factor  3:1
Protection equipment input power protection,overvoltage and current detecting, over temperature, overload, short circuit warning, showing malfunction, detecting error,warning,
Display Display interface Digital LED display
Voltage 4 digits, digital voltmeter, resolution 0.1V
Current 4 digits, digital ammeter, resolution 0.1A
power 4 digits, digital watts table, resolution 0.1W
Frequency 4 digits, digital frequency table, resolution 0.1V
Other specifications Insulation Resistance DC500V ≥ 20MΩ
Pressure insulation AC 1800V 10mA/1 minutes
Cooling device High speed various frequency cooling fan, Forced cold wind
Operating temperature   -10 to 50 degrees.
Relative temperature 0-90% (Non-Condensation)
Altitude ≤ 1500m
Size(HXDXW)MM 940x650x500 1220x750x550 1420x800x600 1520x1110x800 1670x750x1650
Weight(KG) 150 180 260 310 410 560 610 760 890 1100 1310



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